Slimkids teaches kids' and teens', in words they understand, a healthy, happy lifestyle - and that's priceless; we have been helping kids' and teenagers lose weight since 2001!  There is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars to help your child or teen lose weight.  Expensive personal nutritionists and special foods are only temporary answers to a weight loss problem. Start now to lose the weight for summer!

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Before and after: 10 years old, twenty pounds lost in three months! 

Our daughter came to us asking to please help her lose weight and we searched for various programs till we found Slimkids. We wanted to show her that it has nothing to do with being skinny...its about being healthy. She has been on the program for 3 months and has lost 20 lbs. She is a totally different person...her self confidence and self esteem has sky rocketed and we have Slimkids to thank for that. You have an amazing program...words can not express what it has done for our daughter. Lydia Q. 


Thank you so much - I have spent years trying to get help for my son here in NZ. No one here will believe a child can have a problem if they don't eat junk food constantly - we live on a farm so he only had organic healthy food and no fast food - yet he got bigger and bigger! Even our family doctor suggested it was I that had a problem dealing with the fact that he was a 'big' boy!! I was at my wits end until I found you guys!!! He's been on the Slimkids program for 3 months and has lost a fantastic 10kgs (about 22 pounds) and we are heading to lose another 7kgs or so. He is so much happier and healthier - able to do so much more than he could before and I am happier that his health and bones structure etc is less at risk. Thank you for your sensible, easy and successful eating plan for under teens. I really can't believe how easy this has been. Kind Regards, Cheryl H 
Subject: Thank you

My son has lost 30lbs in 10 weeks with your program (from 193lbs to 163lbs 5'11" 14 years old)

It really worked. Thank you.

My son is very happy with the result.

Your conventional weight loss program worked the best. (none of the big name weight-loss program worked)

I will definitely recommend your program to other people.

Thx again, S.Miller






The program is designed for the child or teen to do on their own so they will know why they are overweight and how they can lose weight the healthy way

 By helping your child lose weight you can boost their self-esteem and give him or her a healthy, happy way to live that will literally be life-changing. Stop wishing and start doing!   

In the Simkids kit you will receive everything you need to start the program: 

The informative easy to follow Slimkids program book, folder, food tracking journals, and expert program support (if needed) - all for a one time price of $29.95 that includes free 2-3 day priority mail shipping.  

GUARANTEE - If you are not 100% satisfied when you receive the program, please return the entire unused  package within 30 days for a full refund.

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Thank you United Nations for inviting Slimkids to the Seminar on Children and Nutrition! Thank you Mississippi Dept of Health for using the Slimkids program in selected school districts. Schools, health centers, hospitals, and doctors' offices in NY, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, and more, have all ordered the program to help fight childhood obesity in their states and schools. 









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